Hello and goodbye to TicketSplit.

TicketSplit project started as a competition at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology). Three students joined an innovation challenge. Our team, and several others, were provided 10 days to pitch an idea to solve a challenge. For our challenge, the Oilers group teamed up with the event sponsor Raptor Mining. We had ten days to innovate live sports. Please watch our video if you are interested in our idea.

TicketSplit Pitch video

We are proud to be recognized as the 2021 Mawji Center Innovation Challenge winners.

We are NO LONGER gauging the interest to develop this project into a business. Concluding the feasibility study for the project indicated the investment of our time and money did not make sense.

This site and the remaining of the project have been scrapped.

We are continuing our studies BTech and BBA degrees. It is exciting that one of us is also participating in the Innovation Rodeo vying for a change at seed money for another great idea.