Welcome to TicketSplit.

Please watch our video and let us know if you are interested in our idea.

If you have feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear them. You can register youyr interest and for updates and news.

TicketSplit Pitch video

This project started as an innovation challenge for NAIT students where we were given 10 days to innovate the live sporting event. Read all about our experience on our blog post (coming soon).
It continues to be beyond our expectations to be recognized as the 2021 Mawji Center Innovation Challenge winners.

We are gauging the interest to develop this project into a business.
Let us know:

  • Are you interested in a fractional share of season seat(s)?
  • What Edmonton teams are you interested in having season seats?
  • What type of seat are you interested in?
  • If representing a corporation, are you interested in Box seats or similar?
  • What season ticket benefit are you looking forward to?

Current project status:

  • Website development (thank you for your understanding)
  • Business plan development (putting actual financials to work)
  • Understanding the market (researching public interest)
  • Survey development
  • Continuing our studies BTech and BBA.